Future Plan of Action

The College has important plans lined up for the future, a few of which are mentioned below :-
1. The College plans to hold at least 10 Hons. Department to improve the standard of education.
2. The College plans to obtain UGC Authorization and to hold at least 2 - 3 UGC Sponsored National Seminars in the coming academic year.
3. The College plans to take up several initiatives in teaching-learning process, like holding Departmental Seminars, allowing teachers to take part in Orientation and Refresher Programmes, and so on.
4. The College plans to hold several social programmes like blood donation camps, disaster management awareness programmes, and so on.
5. The College plans to build central instrumentation facilities for the science departments.
6. The College plans to build a sports complex within its premises.
7. The College plans to arrange and provide facilities to students who excel in Games & Sports disciplines. The Students' Union play of major part in such initiatives.